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About the Packs

Pack of the Rising Sun
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Founded by Avion, the Pack of the Rising Sun's name is pretty self-explanatory. They live to the east, on a mountain like-climate filled with plenty of food and far away from trouble. Through history, the Pack of the Rising Sun has been known for "butting heads" with their northern neighbors, the Pack of Dark Skies. Other than that, they tend to ignore other wolves they come across, and have a reputation for staying out of trouble unlike the others. Although, they do have a bit of an attitude when it's come to being "better" than others.
Pack of Dark Skies
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The Pack of Dark Skies was originally founded by Ace and his brother, Juno. The pack is mainly known for it's past history of betrayal and holds many stories and mystery. Although it's had it's dark times, Ace has led it out to be an extremely well-fit and mobile pack, and under Ace's leadership these tensions soon came into a halt. Besides the history of this pack's previous problems, they are also known for being a huge rival of the Pack of the Rising Sun.
Pack of Shining Stars
The Pack of Shining Stars is a relatively new pack compared to the others, founded by an Unnamed she-wolf who not too long ago passed away for unknown reasons. The pack is now led by Colt, who appointed Dakota as his beta. The wolves of this pack are considered strange by the others for the customs they follow. They are known for worshiping their ancestors and the wolves that have passed away. They also don't follow the same laws the two main packs do and live by their own.

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Current Season

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It is the time of the year where the weather is at its hottest peak. With prey buzzing in the forest, the sun's rays are brighter than ever, shining elegantly through the canopy of the trees. The rivers are dwindling, drying up due to the harsh heat the sun brought upon them. Yet the breeze always feels warm to the touch.

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